What's nexl ?

nexl is a configuration hosting server.
Configuration is stored in native JavaScript files, exposed via standard HTTP protocol and can be accessed by special expression language.

nexl can be useful when you need to store and manage an application configuration externally instead of storing it hard coded.
Another use case is when you need a centralized place to manage different kind of configurations.


JavaScript files reuse on server side (files can include each other).
Powerful expression language to retrieve data from JavaScript files.
Additionally expression language allows to aggregate data on the fly while retrieving (for example merging two JavaScript objects and then converting the result to XML/YAML/Property).
JavaScript functions call to perform additional data aggregation.
Viral expressions interpolation (i.e. you can inject expressions into your data which will be interpolated while retrieving it).
Nested expressions with unlimited depth.
External arguments to override existing data in JavaScript files.
Convenient Web UI for configuration management and server administration.
Security and permissions support.
No agents needed on clients, nexl works via standard HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Watch nexl demo