18. nexl helper functions

nexl extends standard JavaScript API with the following helper functions:

Function Explanation
not(param) Inverts boolean param
isContains(array, item) Returns true if array contains item, otherwise false.
inc(number[, ...])
dec(number[, ...])
Adds/subtracts the number to/from followed items.
If items are not provided, adds/subtracts to/from 1.
div(number, val[, ...])
mult(number, val[, ...])
mod(number, val[, ...])
Divides/multiples/calculates modulus for number and val.
You can provide multiple arguments.
concat(arg1, arg2,[, ...]) Concatenates primitive types, merges arrays, merges objects.
keys(obj, level)
vals(obj, level)
Resolves keys/values as array from obj object at specified level in object hierarchy.
charCodeAt(str, index) Returns the Unicode of the character at the specified index in a string.

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